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BURN is a 4 part series designed to help Sculpt & Shape effectively and effeciently and ensures consistancy when you can do the workouts whenever suits you and whereever its convienient 

It is a fantastic, high tempo comprehensive program which offers quick and effective follow along videos. It can provide the cornerstones of your weekly workouts or help you practice at home in conjunction with their regular class. Its a great resource to have to keep up your practice when your teacher and studios break for the holidays or during times you simply can't get to a class!

The Program is designed to complete each video program 3 times each and then launch your own 28 day Pilates Challenge! Where you aim to do a video a day, alternating between all four, for the 28 days!  
Enjoy!! Alison

Ps This program is not suitable for anyone who has or thinks they have abdominal Separation or Back pain. Some level of fitness or some Pilates experience would be a bonus.

Along with BURN you will get your full  guidebook
& your 28-day planner.

Alison Hogan, Expert Fitness & Pilates Instructor, 14 years Client Experience
Hi, I’m Alison HoganI’ve been delivering Pilates for over 14 years now. 

I have created this specialised program specifically for Pilates class participants who wish to practice and build pilates into their lives outside of their weekly class. 

It is a 
 high-intensity Pilates Inspired series which offers short and effective full body workout with proven results.

 I’m now bringing these results to you in the comfort of your home, using my BURN Progam!
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